Managed Service Price Detail

For Federal payroll requirements, we will

(1) Make Federal tax deposits based on saved paychecks & your company setup (deposit schedule)
(2) File payroll returns (Federal 941/944, 940 & W2/W3) before the deadline

Monthly service fee = $12 + $2X

(X) is the number of employees with saved paychecks for the month. If you do not have paychecks for the month, the fee is $12.

**You will need to make State tax deposits and file State returns if we do not offer services for your State at this time.

For California or other States where we offer the Managed Service, we will make tax deposits and file tax returns for both the Federal Forms and State forms (DE9, DE9C for California, e.g.)

Our Managed Service helps you manage your company payroll easily. You can use Paycheckmanager to prepare paychecks easily and we will take care of tax deposits and payroll filings for you based on the paychecks you have created and saved. Should you make changes to your paychecks the taxes have been deposited, you can make manual tax deposits for proper adjustment. If tax forms have been filed, you can re-calculate, prepare and file (941X, W-2C, e.g.) from our payroll efile services at as needed.