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New IRS W-4 Form for 2020! IRS will NOT use # of allowances to calculate income tax withholding anymore.

Filing status is still required and # of dependents is critical, especially for children under 17. The IRS calculates qualified Child Tax Credit ($2,000 per child per year) and adds it evenly to every paycheck, thus reducing the tax withholdings. The new W-4 also allows employees to enter other incomes or deductions for an even more precise estimate of taxes for the year. Note that there is no tax cut. If the employee takes home more from each paycheck without a raise, the employee may expect less of a refund or may even owe taxes when they file their 1040 next year.

Federal W-4 Information

State W-4 Information


General Paycheck Information

  Salary & Earnings Pay Type Hours Help Prior YTD Help CP Help
Salary Hourly/Unit 0.00
SalaryII Salaried/Amount  

Non-Tax Deductions

  Non-tax Deduction Pay Type Hours Help Prior YTD Help CP Help
Health Insurance (POP, etc) Salaried/Amount  

Pre-Tax Deductions

  Pre-tax Deduction Rate Help Annual Max Help Prior YTD Help CP Help
Elective Deferrals(401k, etc.) 19,500.00

Payroll Taxes

  Taxes Rate Help Annual Max Help Prior YTD Help CP Help
Federal Income Tax Withheld     0.00
Social Security Tax 137,700.00 0.00
Medicare Tax   0.00
State Income Tax Withheld     0.00

After-Tax Adjustments

  After-tax Adjustments Prior YTD Help CP Help
Net Pay: 0.00
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