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Will pay taxes and file payroll reports for us? is more an online payroll software tool than a payroll service like ADP or Paychex. Users can create paychecks and generate payroll returns.

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Where and how do I enter employee and W-4 information?

The W-4 information (marital status, # of allowance) is on the paycheck calculator page. The employee can request to change it anytime.

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How do I use the sample company?

The sample company is created with 3 made-up employees. If you are not familiar with payroll process, the sample company is a great way to start.

You can start to create employee paychecks immediately. The company and employee names and IDs are made-up, but the employee payroll taxes and the paychecks are accurate. You can create, print and save the paychecks information in minutes. If you do not edit the sample company first, a default UI rate and monthly payroll tax deposit schedule are used.

As soon as you have saved any check(s), our system computes the taxes and generates payroll reports accordingly. The tax amounts, due dates and reports are updated continuously as you create or edit more checks. This enables you to see the paychecks, understand taxes reporting requirements.

Edit and change the company and employees to your own

 Quick start: You can edit the company and employee information after you have saved some checks for sample employees. The payroll reports (Form 941, 940, W2, etc.) will be prepared correctly with the revised information, including all saved checks. However, printouts of previously saved checks will not be saved and will show the sample information. You can delete previously saved checks and re-create with the correct company/employee information.

 Update first: You can edit the company and employee information before you create any paycheck. This way, you do not need to delete or re-created previously saved checks.

Either way, you should enter the correct company State UI rate (Unemployment Insurance) and the IRS designated tax deposit schedule to ensure for accuracy and avoid any penalty.

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I have not done payroll before, what do I need to do? Can I still use is designed for small businesses to effectively manage their payrolls easily and at a low cost. You need to understand the basic payroll requirements, tax withholding, tax deposits and tax reporting. Although exremely simple, still requires some learning for you to use the tool correctly and effectively.

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I am a new user, how do I enter the payroll information (YTD) for the earlier months of this year, so I can get correct W2, etc.?

The prior payroll information or Year-To-Date (YTD) amount cannot be changed directly. It is calculated based on saved checks. If you have prior paychecks before you start to use, you need to re-create the checks. You can create summary checks (one for each quarter for every employee, e.g.) so you can still create correct quarterly reports and year-end W2, etc.

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