Paycheck Manager Contact Information

Paycheck Manager is a product of C&S Technologies, Inc.

If you wish to contact C&S Technologies, Inc., you can reach us through the following methods:

  • E-mail us at

  • Call us at 408-935-8969 (limited support)

  • Fax us at 408-941-2022

  • Please send email or create a support issue after you have logged in. If you can’t log in or can’t get password after reset (forgot password), please send an email with your user name/email address, company EIN, our website URL and your issue.

  • Or, send postal mail to:
    C&S Technologies Inc.
    Paycheck Manager
    1879 Lundy Ave. Suite 266
    San Jose, CA 95131

Paycheck Manager is the Easy Do-It-Yourself Payroll Management Software! Our goal is to facilitate a robust but yet easy-to-use environment for business owners to calculate and manage their payroll and payroll taxes.

Also visit our FAQ for Paycheck Manager video demos and frequently asked questions.