Paycheck Manager is an Affordable Complete Self-Service Small Business Payroll Software

Paycheck Manager is FREE for up to 3 calendar months with no obligations!

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After the trial period is over, you can either pay monthly or subscribe annually with significant savings.

Monthly subscription
No. of Employees Price/Employee
1 $5
2-3 $3
4-10 $2.5
11-20 $2
>20 $1.5
Annual Subscription
No. of Employees Per Account
1-3 $49
4-10 $99
11-20 $189
21-30 $269
31-40 $349
41-100 $499
101-150 $599
151-200 $799

* Price subject to change without notice.

The number of employee is defined as the number of all employees with one or more saved paychecks in the account, even if an employee is paid only once. The number will reset for January of a new year based on the number of employees paid in December.

For example, you started with 3 employees in January. In July, 2 employees left and you added 2 more employees. You now have a total of 5 employees on record (3+2) even though you are only paying 3 active employees. The payroll data for all 5 employees are included in all payroll reports (941, 940, e.g.) and 5 W2s will be issued at the end of the year.

There is no contract for monthly subscription. You will be billed every month. You cannot skip month, even if you do not issue checks for that month. You can terminate the service anytime by stop paying the invoice. You can switch from monthly to annual subscription any time before October 1st. When you choose annual subscription, the fee will be pro-rated for the remaining months to the end of the year.

For example, if you are paying monthly for 3 employees and decide to switch to annual subscription in July, you will be charged a pro-rated annual subscription of $24.50 =$49*6/12 because there is only 6 months left. In October, you added 3 more employees and exceed the 3 employee level, you will be charged a pro-rated fee of $12.50 = ($99-$49)*3/12 because there is only 3 months left.

You can manage multiple companies in your account and the number of employees is the total in the account. 5 employees in 1 company is the same as 1 employee in 5 companies.

Paycheck Manager Basic and Optional services

1) Basic subscription enables very simple and efficient payroll calculations and reports.

Payroll Tasks Basic(1)
Prepare paycheck anytime for any employee, unlimited included
Calculate Federal payroll taxes for employees & employer included
Calculate State income, UI & other payroll taxes included
Add earnings & deductions types with flexibility included
Print and save checks & paystubs included
Real-time updates & summary of payroll taxes and due dates included
Create & print Federal payroll forms 941, 940 & W2s included
Create & print State payroll forms, if available(3) included
2) Users can enroll to use the optional tax deposits and e-File services
Payroll Tasks Optional(2)
Deposit Federal tax electronically (direct ACH to IRS) $25 per year
Deposit State tax electronically (if available)(3) $25 per year
IRS authorized eFile of quarterly payroll form 941 $4.95/form-quarter
IRS authorized eFile of annual FUTA form 940 $10/form-year
eFile of form W2s to the SSA $3 + $2/form
e-File of W-2 to all States, if required $3 + $2/form
Print & mail W-2 to employees, include envelope & stamp $2 per employee
eFile of State forms (CA DE9, DE9C, NYS-45, NYS–1, e.g.)(3) $4.95/form

(1) The basic service enables users to create checks, manage payrolls and print all paper forms.
(2) The optional services enable users to make tax deposits electronically or file payroll reports electronically from user account for a small fee. It is optional and is charged based on usage.
(3) Payroll reporting and tax deposits requirements are different for different States. We may not have all payroll forms, eFile and tax deposit service for all of the States. Please log in to verify the availability of payroll forms, eFile or tax deposits for your State.

Business Payroll and Payroll Tax Services

  1. Withhold proper amount of payroll taxes on every paycheck – Acting like a agent for the government, the company needs to withhold Federal income tax, social security, State income tax and other applicable local or special taxes as required when issue any employee paycheck.
  2. Deposit payroll taxes to the government timely – The money withheld from the paychecks, together with the matching taxes from the company need to be deposited to the government regularly (monthly, semi-weekly or other deposit schedule).
  3. File payroll returns regularly – In addition to deposit payroll taxes, every organization is required to file Federal and State tax returns, including Federal quarterly 941, annual 940, W2s and similar State forms.

Business payroll is not difficult but it can be tedious. Except major corporations that have their own payroll departments, most small business manages their payroll through payroll management services.

ADP and Paychex are the traditional, full service payroll software and management providers that process employee payroll, deposit taxes and file reports for their clients completely.

In recent years, payroll calculations and payroll services are migrating to the internet for efficiency and convenience. For example, Paycycle started in 1999 and was acquired by Intuit around 2009. Surepayroll started in 2000 and was acquired by Paychex around 2011. Gusto (previously Zenpayroll) was started in 2012, all offering payroll services online.

Some CPAs and bookkeepers also provide payroll services to their clients, though they typically need a 3rd party business payroll software to calculate payroll taxes and generate returns easily.

Ultimately, all payroll software and management service providers perform the 3 required payroll tasks to meet the government requirements for withholding, depositing taxes and filing reports. Companies, large and small, need to meet the same regulations. is an online payroll software designed specifically for small businesses and actually received a US patent for its simplicity. Our company, C&S Technologies, has been working on payroll tax library since 1998. We started to work with the IRS and SSA on Income tax 1040s, payroll 941 and W2 online e-File since 2000. C&S is one of very few companies that were approved to provide e-File for both individual income tax and business payroll tax returns. for individual income tax 1040s filing was acquired by Liberty Tax several years ago so we now focus on payroll only.

We know how to compute business payroll taxes, deposit taxes and file payroll returns. Because we built and own the intellectual properties of payroll tax calculations, efile and ACH processes, we are able to offer the online payroll services at a much lower cost than other services.

Cost saving is important but the ease of use, flexibility for correction and adjustment and simple setup are also important. There are many choices for payroll services, but all payroll software and services need to meet the same government requirements. We believe is the easiest, efficient, flexible, accurate and economical payroll management tool for small and very small businesses.

Print check - Supplies of blank check stock paper

You can print paychecks on standard 3-part blank check stock (check on top, pay-stubs at the two bottom sections). You can find the blank check stocks from local office suppliers. You may also obtain the checks from us for a service fee.

Get blank check stocks